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Partner Information

Information for prospective and existing SuperGold providers

Why join SuperGold?

There are over 750,000 SuperGold cardholders, with around 60,000 people joining each year. Older people are a valuable market and are growing in size and spending power.

They want to get the best value for money, have time to shop around and are loyal to businesses that are good to them.

The SuperGold programme puts you in an ideal position to connect to this influential market.

How do I sign up?

It’s free to join the SuperGold programme. All you need to do is provide a genuine offer or discount specific to SuperGold cardholders.

Simply complete and return the SuperGold Card Business Application form to us.

Note: If you have more than one business outlet, you’ll need to use the hard copy application form.

We’ll check your application and sign you up within 5 to 10 working days. We’ll send you a welcome letter in the mail when we’ve done this.

Please make sure all of your staff know about your SuperGold offer and what to do when a SuperGold card is presented.

Your business can join the SuperGold programme by completing the online process - click this link to begin.

Download terms and conditions for SuperGold businesses (PDF 191KB)

Resources for participating businesses

Help your SuperGold deal stand out. Use the material available and get noticed!


When you join, we'll send you a range of stickers. Display these where they can be easily seen so cardholders know you have a SuperGold deal for them.

If you need more stickers, no problem. Please call us on 0508 65 00 00.


We also have a range of SuperGold posters available.

Email or ring us if you would like us to send you posters.

SGC logo

If you' woul'd like a copy of the SuperGold logo for advertising please email SuperGold Card Key Account Manager, Tim Bryers


For more information about how SuperGold can work for your business, please get in touch: