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Tap into a golden market opportunity

Join SuperGold as a business partner and unlock the potential of over 850,000 New Zealand consumers. With an increase of approximately 20,000 each year, the SuperGold cardholder base is rapidly growing, presenting a valuable market with substantial spending power.

Why partner with SuperGold? 
  • Reach an influential market: Older people prioritise value for money and loyalty to businesses that treat them well. By becoming a SuperGold business partner, you gain access to this discerning audience, providing a platform to promote your business and services.
  • Leverage word of mouth marketing: SuperGold cardholders are known to rely on recommendations from people they trust. By delivering exceptional experiences, your business can benefit from this by amplifying your reach and reputation.

As a SuperGold Business Partner, you will be promoting your business and services to this influential market – for free.

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Cardholders across New Zealand

About SuperGold

SuperGold - or the ‘gold card’ – gives Superannuants and Veterans exclusive opportunities to maximise their savings. SuperGold is one way the government and New Zealand businesses can say thank you or tēnā rawa atu koe for everything our older people have done for Aotearoa, by raising families, working, or helping in the community.

SuperGold owns several digital channels to consistently reach seniors:

Online offers have the advantage of reaching SuperGold cardholders nationwide. With no geographical limitations, online offers can capture the attention of cardholders across the motu, maximizing your business' exposure and potential customer base.

  • Over 40,000 active app users each month
  • Average monthly website visits exceed 240,000
  • Monthly targeted emails are delivered to over 420,000 people, with an average open rate of 61%
  • Over 317,000 seniors are reached on average each month through social media

Discover the benefits for your business

Explore your marketing opportunities

As a valued Business Partner, you gain access to the SuperGold platform, which is a powerful directory to showcase your business to seniors.  We provide informed guidance to help you create appealing offers tailored to the SuperGold audience. With our in-depth insights about what they want, how they search and what they see as valuable, you can effectively capture their attention and drive conversions.

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