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Veteran SuperGold

Veteran SuperGold is a specially branded SuperGold card to recognize service to our country in the Armed Forces.


You can get a Veteran SuperGold card if you’re:

  • 65+ and have served in the New Zealand Armed Forces and have Qualifying Operational Services
  • Under 65 years and receive a Veteran’s pension.
  • If you are not legally and ordinarily resident in New Zealand, you will not qualify to receive a card.
  • "Ordinarily resident" means someone who is normally and lawfully resident in New Zealand and intends to stay here.

To apply for a Veteran's SuperGold card call us on 0800 25 45 65 (Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm) with:

  • your SuperGold card client number if you have one (this is on the back of your SuperGold card)
  • your full name while you were in service
  • your New Zealand Armed Forces service number
  • the branch of the New Zealand Armed Forces where you served
  • the war or emergency where you were deployed, including any additional information such as dates of deployment, location(s) and unit.